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e-Throne Portable/Foldable e-Wheelchairs:
Re-definition of Electric Wheelchair Technologies

High Quality Materials & Workmanship, Super Light, Comfortable Riding 
Quick & Easy Folding, Inclinable Back Rest, User Customizable Width/Length/Height
50% Battery Saving, Safe Lithium Battery, 28km Travel Range, 10x Longer Working Life

You can always choose suitable e-throne folding electric chair for your needs.

Add-On kits for easy customization of width,length and height by user


Model: PW-12H -- Wheelchair Hub Motor (brush/gear) มอเตอร์ล้อมีเบรคในตัว แบบแปรงถ่านสำหรับรถเข็นแบบนั่ง,


Model: PW-12H -- Wheelchair Hub Motor (brush/gear)
Built-in EMB Parking Brake
Manual Brake Release
Easy Replaceable Tire Design
Power Rate:180W-300W
Weight: 7.2 Kgs 

Motor Performance Curve(PDF)

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If you are involved with high performance EV applications, there is an important motor technology which is pancake motor (or disc shaped motor) from GoldenMotor. What separates the pancake motor from conventional axial motor is its slotless disc armature. This difference enables pancake motors to deliver a level of performance which is not attainable with conventional ironcore motor designs used by most traditional power wheelchairs in today's market. In addition to performance advantages, pancake motors have a unique flat & compact shape that is best fit for motorized wheel applications, such as power wheelchairs, power scooters. The unique advantages that the slotless pancake motor technology has brought include:

  • Very long operating life
  • Absolutely zero cogging for ultra smooth velocity & torque even at slow speeds
  • Low armature mass for high accelerations and decelerations
  • Low inductance for almost instantaneous torque
  • Very high peak torques for rapid accelerations
  • Flat motor profile for extremely compact size
  • Stamped winding technology for very high reliability and low cost
  • Low Electrical Noise

    Golden Motor Technology Co Ltd just launched its innovative power wheelchairs equiped with above mentioned pancake motors. They come with following unbeatable features:

  • Super integrated motorized wheel drive -- Make your wheelchair Simple, Neat and Light
  • Higher efficiency with our stamped pancake motor technology -- Drive you eXtra Miles
  • Double trip range: Up to 25Km with only 24V/20AH SLA pack (180x76x168mm - 12V20AH each)
  • Lowest power consumption: Less than 4Amps at speed of 4MPH at level
  • Two-motor combined output power: 400W/24V or 600W/36V with the same set of motors
  • Built-in electric-magnetic parking brake (EMB) and manual release handle
  • Climbing up and parking with 110Kg load at 12 degree slope easily
  • Lightest weight (30Kgs w/o battery, 44Kgs with battery)
  • Maintenance-free puncturable tyre
  • High load capacity (180kgs maximum)
  • State of art wheelchair joystick controller

  • Model: IM-50B -- Brushless Wheelchair Joystick Controller


    This unique joystick controller drives dual BRUSHLESS motors intelligently by programmed microchip. This extends your wheelchair life up to 10 times longer than current brushed motor powered wheelchairs in the market.

    • All-in-One, programmable Controller
    • 24Vdc, Maximum 50Amps
    • 5 Speed Settings
    • Regenerative Braking
    • Parking Brake Open Circuit Detection
    • Parking Brake Manual Release Microswitch Detection
    • Including all connectors to motors and charger

    • JOYSTICK Controller / Brushless
    • with Hub Motor / with out
    • Gear inside ( Direct Drive )
    • Only Acheived by Our Efficient, All-in-One Wheelchair Hub Motors!
      Specifications of Model: XML-08D

    • ชุดควบคุมดุมล้ออย่างเดียวขับตรง
    • Joystick ขับมอเตอร์.By

      Joystick control for Brushless Hubmotorand bushless motor By

    • Low cost Joystick controller kit,conversion kit for wheelChair for the World


      Low cost Joystick controller kit for the World
      8 " Hub motor built - in gear, BLDC controller ,throttle, joystick mechanics

      Low cost Joystick controller kit for the World
      8 " Hub motor built - in gear, BLDC controller ,throttle, joystick mechanics

    • JOYSTICK Controller / Brushless
    • with Hub Motor / with Planet Gear inside,
    • Built-in ( inside Hub )

    • Hub Motor ( Brushless ) ที่มี Planet เกียร์อยู่ภายใน

    Powerfull 400 Watt Brushed Joystick Controller With DC Motor Equipped Planet Gear 1:9



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