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LED Light

- 24/36/48V
- Luminousity : 7200 - 8000 MCD
- Sleek design, back light similar to Lamborghini.
- Less than 2W operating power for both lights.

Electrical Controls

- Cruise Control

Cruise control buttons come in 2 styles available. One press and you're on vacation mode. The control with on/off is for european users, it can turn on/off the pedal assisted mode. Sleek design, easy to install and fun to use, comes with extra-long wires, space saving so that you can squeeze it next to your gear shift.


Add a twist to your bike, get the twist throttle, get the Motorbike feel. Built in battery meter, high quality product. Or... just simply press down on your thumb.

Disc Brake Set

- Power braking system enabled, regen braking enabled.
- Simple installation, smooth controls.
- Steel disc brakes
- Available disc brake diameters: 140mm/160mm



- Aluminium, tough look with a smooth black finish.
- Comes with a built-in controller box.
- GM battery compatible, designed to lock the battery onto the rack.

-Controller Box

If you already have your own rack, or you only need the controller housing solution. - ABS plastic, smooth black finish, designed for the horn, to fit the rack, to shelter itself under the rack.
- Easy to install, comes without holes. Compatible with GM Magic Controller.

- Charger

- Slick, small and light.
- 110-240VAC universal lithium ion battery charger
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