Battery fuel gauge SVEB2 for 12V-48V
  • item number:SVEB2
  • Product name:Battery fuel gauge SVEB2 for 12V-48V

1. The precision of voltage consistency is better;
2. Lower power consumption, can sleep (only 10 ua, power consumption can be triggered by key wake up).
3. Universal strong, users can even customize the voltage and the relationship between the percentage;
4. Automatic trigger function, automatically displayed when charging or discharging;
5. With the function of the buzzer alarm (need youself to diy); The indicator supports the following batteries: 12V 24V 36V 48V lead-acid battery 2-15 pcs lithium batteries
The battery type can be set by users through the back button,the default is 12V lithium batteries

1.product name:battery capacity indicator/tester for:lead-acid battery,lithium battery
3.input voltage:8-48V
4.input current:5-10mA
 5.input power consumption:200-700mW
6.dimension:53mm*38mm(PCB) (LCD to PCB surface height: 5.0 mm; PCB on the back of the highest height: 5.0 mm;) 7.Installation method: 47 * 32 mm spacing of PCB screw fixation; 8.Lead: plus or minus two red black line connected battery.