Battery fuel gauge SVEB1 for 12V-72V
  • item number:SVEB1
  • Product name:Battery fuel gauge SVEB1 for 12V-72V

TF01N for new lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, any lead acid, nickel metal hydride battery type general high precision current collection (commonly known as:Coulometer) capacity according to instructions parameter meter, hereinafter referred to as the electricity meter.Can understand detailed the specific usage of the battery;With wide working voltage range,Low power consumption, indicating higher precision.Can be arbitrarily set parameters such as effective load capacity of the battery, with automatic memory function when power supply drop. It suit for electric vehicles 24V 36V 48V lithium or lead acid batteries! In the short term up to 60V.Because this product has the default factory settings, we default to the operating voltage is set to 12V,and this product used in lithium batteries.

it shows remaining battery capacity;battery voltage value;battery current value;output power value;remaining time of charging and discharging time,make it easy to know how long the battery last,how long the battery will be fully charged accurately.
Specification: working Voltage: 8~50V(12v/24v/36v/48v/in an instant 60v)
working Current: 0-10A(0.000-9.999A)>10A(10.00A-99.99A)
Voltage Accuracy: ±1% Current Accuracy: ±1% Operating Temperature Range: 0~60 ℃ Backlight on Current: 40~60mA Backlight off Current: 20~40mA Battery capacity setting Range: 0.1~655Ah
4pin shunt cable length: 230mm