Battery Fuel Gauge Battery Monitor

  • item number:SJ-FG01
  • Product name:12V 24V 36V 48V battery fuel gauge battery monitor---

SJ-FG01 is apply for any lithium-ion battery, lipolymer battery, lithium iron phosphate
batteries, lead-acid battery, VRLA battery, gel battery, nickel metal hydride, etc. This
model have two voltage range version: :8-50V(SJ-FG01A) and 35-80V(SJ-FG01B), the
working capacity range is 0.1-590Ah, and suitable for the max 50A continuous discharge
and 100A peak discharge.
1. Remaining battery capacity (Ah or mAh);
2. Battery SOC;
3. Battery voltage;
4. Battery current value;
5. Output power value;
6. Remaining time of charging and discharging