Thruster high force   /Brushless  type (sensor feedback)  ,  high precision  in controlling   both  Torque mode and  Velocity mode : V15Q3

-2.1 Underwater  Thruster – Left hand prop.Motor Brushless  with hall sensor
 2.2 Underwater  Thruster - Right hand prop. Motor Brushless with hall sensor

Thrust Current Rating  (24-28v)

Thrust Current Rating  (36-40v)

A: The current rating for a moving UROV can be as much as 25% – 35% lower than the current rating indicated above depending on UROV size and weight.
B: Continueous current can be  max.  around 30%-45%  of above with peak current as double related to peak thrust in double force/thrust (kgf)

Water Tight Mechanism Assy: to water resistance depth  > 25M-45M   ,Optional : Depth > 45M  or more .  –call

All Mechanical Seal(water tight) from PIC-Design dev. of (USA)
Alternative for normal water or Salt water(sea water) with hard anodized coated : Call

A.Thruster Mounting Bracket   X1 Set (left  or right )  = Optional

DC Brushless motor with  hall feedback sensor inside Thruster :

Brushless controller :  Programmable ,Low cost Version   for  Thruster brushless 60W , 24V -36V
Brushless controller  for Thruster 60W : 300-1000watt, programmable 24V-48V   ( Low Cost Version )   

See =

1.1  Programming cable  USB   =  Optional 

Drawing  , dimension   and   3D  eDrawing  :

3D  Photo :


ACTUAL  Photo  :


ROV   :  fully automated  Underwater ROBOT