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   The NXT is the brain of a MINDSTORMS® robot. It’s an intelligent, computer-controlled LEGO® brick that lets a    MINDSTORMS robot come alive and perform different operations.

Motor ports
The NXT has three output ports for attaching motors - Ports A, B and C

Sensor ports
The NXT has four input ports for attaching sensors - Ports 1, 2, 3 and 4.

USB port
Connect a USB cable to the USB port and download programs from your computer to the NXT (or upload data from the robot to your computer). You can also use the wireless Bluetooth connection for uploading and downloading.

Make a program with real sounds and listen to them when you run the program

NXT Buttons
Orange button : On/Enter /Run
Light grey arrows: Used for moving left and right in the NXT menu
Dark grey button: Clear/Go back

NXT Display
Your NXT comes with many display features - see the MINDSTORMS NXT Users Guide that comes with your NXT kit for specific information on display icons and options

Technical specifications

    • 32-bit ARM7 microcontroller
    • 256 Kbytes FLASH, 64 Kbytes RAM
    • 8-bit AVR microcontroller
    • 4 Kbytes FLASH, 512 Byte RAM
    • Bluetooth wireless communication (Bluetooth Class II V2.0 compliant)
    • USB full speed port (12 Mbit/s)
    • 4 input ports, 6-wire cable digital platform (One port includes a IEC 61158 Type 4/EN 50 170 compliant expansion port for future use)
    • 3 output ports, 6-wire cable digital platform
    • 100 x 64 pixel LCD graphical display
    • Loudspeaker - 8 kHz sound quality. Sound channel with 8-bit resolution and 2-16 KHz sample rate.
    • Power source: 6 AA batteries
 Touch Sensor
 Sound Sensor
 Light Sensor
 Ultrasonic Sensor
 Servo Motors
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