Deep Blue 40 (Tiller version)For commercial operators and green boaters

Deep Blue 40 T

with a Deep Blue High-voltage Battery


Speed in km/h (knots)* Range in km (nm)* Running time in hours: minutes
Slow 7.5 (4.0) 37-60 (20-32) 05:00 - 08:00
Full throttle 32-44 (17-24) 16-22 (9-12) 00:30

* Depends on type of boat, load, propeller and conditions. Speed and range indications do not represent a legal guarantee.


Technical Data Deep Blue

Deep Blue System Deep Blue 40 RL / RXL
Input power (peak) in kW 33
Input power (continuous) in kW 25
Propulsive power in kW 16.2
Comparable petrol outboards (shaft power) 40 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in % 54
Integrated battery: usable energy in kWh 12.8
Nominal voltage 345
Final charging voltage 389
Motor weight without battery, including electronics in kg 139 (L) / 145 (XL)
Weight of 1 battery in kg 149
Total system weight example in kg
(long shaft version, 1 charger, including connection box, display, throttle and cabling)
(with 1 battery)
Shaft length 20" / 51 cm (L)
25" / 63.5 cm (XL)
Standard propeller
v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts
Maximum propeller speed in rpm 2,400
control Remote throttle
Tilting device Electric trim and tilt
Trim device Electric trim and tilt
Integrated on-board computer with touchscreen display Yes