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Moutain electric Bike with Lithium Fe Battery.


How to pack,Assemble,Life cell in Pack and case,Available for 48v,6Ah,8Ah,10,Ah.12Ah

in Alloy case to Fit your electric mootain Bike.

Step 1

Step 2

prepare cell to solder in Suitable Shape Pack with BMS+Protection

Step 3

Step 4

High curent plug,Bms+Protection

Pack in Aluminium Case

Step 5

Step 6

well seal at terminal(Safty) Well fitted in Aluminium
Step 7

Step 8

High current 25A cont,50A Peak key Smitch

Charging PLUG

Step 9

Step 10

Electric motrainBike with Lithium pack 48v10Ah Emontain Bike with Allminium case of life pack

Step 11

Step 12

Electric Motain Bike +Magicpie

Moutain eBike with Magic Pie Front Drive

Step 13

Step 14

Moutain Ebike+Magic Pie 1000Watt . Life(Lithhium) Pack with Aluminium case for Electric moutain Bike AvAilable in 48V with 6Ah,8Ah,10Ah,10Ah,12Ah Made to order to fit you Electric moutain Bike


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